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The Electricity Law was promulgated by the Royal Decree no.NS/RKM/0201/03, dated February 02, 2001. This law aims to :

1. Ensure the protection of the rights of the consumers to receive the reliable and adequate supply of electric power services at reasonable cost.

2. Promote private ownership of the facilities for providing electric power services.

3. Establish competition wherever feasible in the sector.

4. Establish the Electricity Authority of Cambodia for regulating the electricity power services, granting the right and obligation and penalize, if necessary, the supplier and consumer of electricity in relation to electricity generation and supply facilities.

5. Create favorable conditions for the investment in and the commercial operation of the electric power industry.

The Electricity Authority of Cambodia (EAC) is an autonomous body set up to regulate and monitor the electric power sector throughout the country. Its duties include issuing Licenses, approving and enforcing Performance Standards for Licensees to ensure quality supply and better services to the consumers and determination of tariff, rates and charges for electric power services, which are fair to both the consumers and the licensees.

Any licensee or consumer may refer a dispute, under the Tariff or under a contract, relating to electric power service to the EAC for resolution.

EAC is here to help you in getting better electric power service at reasonable rate in your home, industry or business.